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The 2008 Financial Crisis, considered by many economists to be the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, destroyed retirement dreams and many would never recover from their losses.

Seeing how this crisis affected the standard of living for my family members, I felt there had to be a better way. I started conducting my own “research” by simply asking people how they felt about their insurance agent or financial advisor.  From these conversations, I came to realize there was a problem with the processes that many financial advisors and insurance agents were using as well as their true reason for being in the business.  Creating a solution to this problem became my new passion.

In 2008, I ended a successful career and began my quest to uncover a different way of doing business in the insurance and financial industry.  After countless hours of hard work and research and some innovative changes, I created the Hawks Companies. 

Hawks Financial and Hawks Insurance combines the competitive worlds of Wealth Management and Insurance to create customized retirement strategies with a balance between asset growth and risk management.

With multiple locations, a large back-office staff, and technologically advanced resources, we assist clients across Iowa and the Midwest.  

The founder and president of Hawks Insurance & Financial, Aaron Hawks, is a CFE Certified Financial Educator®, a former NCAA All American and National Champion swimmer and a cancer survivor. Mr. Hawks, his wife Jayne, and their children live in the Des Moines area.  An avid fisher and hunter, Mr.Hawks also has a soft spot for the family dog, Sadie.

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